Папарацци путают знаменитых детей!

Everything on the head! Famous paparazzi confuse children because of their famous parents to allow children to dress according to their gender. Son walking around in skirts, and daughter in men’s suits! But most interesting is why do they allow?? Actor Brian Austin green believes that his son is only four and if he wants to wear dresses and skirts, then let them carry him anyway!

Only where the legs grow from this surprising trend? Why singer Pink wore her daughter’s male costume? The famous Hollywood actress Charlize Theron a few years had no idea who she still adopted? The daughter of Angelina Jolie “dressed up” to hormone therapy!
The seductive star of the film “transformers” Megan Fox lit up in front of the paparazzi with his four year old son Noah, who loves to be different among their peers. Photographers who on the heels of accompany the actress has already know very well the original closet of the child. There were dresses of Disney heroes, princesses, pink tights and tulle skirts. It seems that the boy likes to feel like a Princess of Disney cartoons, and the parents don’t.

Папарацци путают знаменитых детей!

Father Noah, actor Brian Austin green is a little tired, but used to respond to the constant attacks of journalists and critics that he is raising wrong my boy. “I heard from some people that they do not agree with the style the boys, and I tell them that I don’t care!! He’s four and if he wants, let it is. It’s his life!”.

But one ordinary morning in the Los Angeles paparazzi caught the star mother’s Charlize Theron, along with her daughter during a walk. That’s just at first glance it’s a girl, and in fact, it was her eldest son Jackson. Fans were shocked by these photos! Did the actress has gone mad, so to scoff at the boy!? And she just commented that the boy decided that she was just supporting their child in their choice. Only in the spring of 2019, when her adopted boy was 7 years old, Charlize Theron gave a bold interview that she didn’t know who actually was adopted. “Yes, I also thought that it was a boy. Until then, until she looked at me when she was 3 and said, “I’m not a boy! I have two beautiful daughters. They were born who they are and where in the world they’ll both be when you grow up, and who they want to be, not for me to decide””. If she talked with her son about sex change in the future, Charlize Theron has not commented, but in the meantime it Jackson goes to school in the “girly” shape.


And here’s singer Pink, on its own initiative his daughter willow dresses in men’s suits. At the next ceremony she said to her daughter all that her daughter is beautiful and loves her very much. Bully is doing to your child transvestite out of nowhere. Once 6-year-old willow admitted that she has been picked on at school because she resembled the boy and the singer has decided to support small and at the ceremony “MTV Music Video Awards” dressed in men’s suits the whole family.

The singer said to his daughter the important words: “We don’t change, we help to change others in order to see all the variety of beauty!”. Since willow is dressing as she wants. But experts still believe that such things are not quite right. It is rather a decision not the child, and imposed by their parents. Children are rather spineless creatures, they absorb everything that happens around. Experiments can be, but it’s hardly their sincere behavior.

Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt fully trust your daughter and her unusual choice! Her daughter Shiloh in early childhood abandoned bows and other girlish finery, and wears only boys ‘ stuff and trimmed short like a boy. Angelina approached calmly. Although such an unusual couple and it is not surprising that their firstborn manifests itself outside the box! And in 2010-m to year Angelina shocked the world, she admitted to Oprah Winfrey on the famous TV show that her daughter considers herself a boy, and asks parents to call her by the name John!! After a time, the actress said that she took her daughter to a specialist with gender identity and willing to support a daughter’s decision to change gender. “Neither brad nor I want to tell her how to act or what to feel. It should find its place!” explains the famous mother. Now the child is already a teenager and they say that the child started to accept hormonal preparations for readjustment.

In the meantime, these famous babies-transvestite Mature — will be closely watched, with bated breath, what is still run out and gotten to our country such a fashion.

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