Картины Иеронима Босха в Федеральной антимонопольной службе признали непристойными

Representatives of the FAS, she’s Federal Antimonopoly service imposed a fine on the Artplay design center, touting the upcoming multimedia exhibition of Hieronymus Bosch< /strong>. Now the company will have to pay 100 thousand roubles of the penalty and pick up posters in the form of fragments of paintings of the artist from the streets of the capital, because of the FAS they are considered “obscene”.

This was the reaction of one uneducated inhabitant of Moscow rebelled from exposed bodies (as advertising in Artplay used fragments of the most famous paintings of Hieronymus Bosch, “Garden earthly delights”). The Department of advertising of Moscow has supported the disturbed Muscovite and decided to remove the posters.
Exhibition of the Dutch artist “Animated vision”, organized in the form of a multimedia project on its 500th anniversary. At the moment the exhibition is on display in Berlin and Moscow decided to provide it in such a modern format. In addition to paintings, the creators of the exhibition wanted to create all the known and little-known information about Ieronima Bosch. His triptych “the Garden of earthly delights, 1500-1510 written in years, situated in Madrid’s Prado Museum and has many interpretations, but none of them is the only correct one.

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