Собственник доли в квартире Джигарханяна раскрыл детали скандальной сделки Businessman Yuri Rastegin became the owner of the real estate stars in the center of Moscow, which after the divorce, he shared with his ex-wife Tatiana Vlasova. In a recent broadcast of “Let them talk” the entrepreneur spoke about the contract concluded with Armen Borisovich.
Собственник доли в квартире Джигарханяна раскрыл детали скандальной сделки

Second night in a row in the Studio “Let them talk” discussed the complicated story of the contradictions that emerged between Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and his ex-wife, Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya. Ex-wife of a famous Director is preparing to sue him in court for libel.

According to Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya has sold its stake Dzhigarkhanyan in his apartment in Central Moscow, they shared with Tatiana Vlasova after a divorce. According to rumors, the buyer was Nikas Safronov who did a good discount.

Armen Dzhigarkhanyan has lost share in the apartment, which he shared with his ex-wife

“I’m nothing to do with this idea”, – said the artist in the program.
Собственник доли в квартире Джигарханяна раскрыл детали скандальной сделки

As told Safronov, it only helped. finding a lawyer who would help to implement the deal. On the assumption that a lawyer has acquired his share in the apartment, Nikas replied in the negative. Lawyer Armen Borisovich Evgeniy Parfyonov conducted an investigation into the sale of real estate, and has his own version of resonant events.

“We have to deal with the apartment of Tatiana Sergeyevna, with her dormitory. There is an interesting story. The transaction price was set in the amount of 15 million rubles per share. All this was done in order to get Tatiana Sergeevna from the apartment. Vitalina V. and her people were sold the share to a legal entity – there is a restaurateur [Yuri Rastegin] and the company “Sphere”. But they are underpaid under the contract of purchase and sale of 7 million 100 thousand roubles. My questions about whether he can sell the apartment, Armen Borisovich answered in the negative,” – said the representative of the artist.
Собственник доли в квартире Джигарханяна раскрыл детали скандальной сделки

Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya denies charges lawyer ex-husband. “Attributing my name to this transaction is absolutely illegal. Transaction conducted Armen Borisovich with a legal entity. This is recorded on video and will be presented in court,” explains the woman. Says Vitalina, the Director wanted to sell his half, and Tatiana Vlasova opposed to this process and changed the locks.

Vlasov called Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya “domestic prostitute»

The program “Let them talk” found a man who was present at the transaction, which took place in June last year. Businessman Yuri Rastegin told about how the acquired share in the apartment of a star.

“The transaction was engaged in lawyer Armen Borisovich. On the appointed day Vitalina with Armen Borisovich came to one of the most famous notaries with an unblemished reputation. On the transaction itself Vitalinu not invited, it was held in the presence of a notary, all the necessary procedures have been complied with. Part of the funds was transferred to me before the deal in advance, that this was the appropriate records. At the end of the transaction, Armen Borisovich was in good spirits. All agreed the funds were transferred and translated Armen Borisovich and Vitalina”, – said the businessman Yuri Rastegin.
Собственник доли в квартире Джигарханяна раскрыл детали скандальной сделки

To stop the spread of defamatory information, Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya is going to punish those who tarnish her reputation. Lawyer pianist Larisa Shirokova prepared 14 claims. The woman said that while Mara is not in a hurry to sue ex-husband.

Says Shirokova, Vlasov has refused to accept the terms Dzhigarkhanyan of sale.

“Tatiana Sergeevna created transaction charges. In the process of checking for fraud witnesses told the investigator that she was offered ideal conditions for the sale. Offered decent money that allows you to buy two apartments in the center of Moscow. Tatiana S. rejected these conditions. The result Armen Borisovich had to resort to uneconomical conditions for the sale of shares”, – said the representative of the pianist.