Обладатель «Оскара» Эдриан Броуди и русский рэпер Джиган отдохнули на яхте
The stars together “lit” on the Mediterranean sea.

Adrian Brody and Jake in Cannes

Credit: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Russian rapper dzhigan and Hollywood star Adrian Brody became friends during a walk on a yacht in the Mediterranean. Djigan came to Cannes to prepare for the release of their fourth album, “JIG”. And there I met Adrien Brody, who came to the famous film festival, and after graduation decided to stay on the Cote d’azur and relax.

One of the evening new friends had been on the yacht, their mutual friend. “It was an unforgettable meeting, we made friends with this incredibly talented
the actor, who is also the acting profession still paints pictures, composes music and is passionate about rap, told djigan 7days.ru. — It is very
outdoor, and we not only found a common language, we became friends,
reading together rap!”

Brody also listened to the new album Djigan and highly praised the new future
records. By the way, Brody understands a little Russian language, because his girlfriend Lara Lieto (Larysa So) — Russian.

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