The original images and the bright moments festival “Invasion”

Самые оригинальные образы и яркие моменты фестиваля «Нашествие»
The costumes and the audience chose the main adventure of the year, and what surprised the participants the organizers of the festival. Photo gallery.

The concert of DDT

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Last weekend in the Big Zavidovo, held a rock festival “Invasion”. The event lasted three days, during which the audience not only enjoyed the performances of favorite artists, but also demonstrated a spectacular carnival costumes.

Because every year at the festival, a competition for the most original images of “Invasion”. Many rock music fans came by families with children. Children accompanied by an adult to ride in a hot air balloon, rising above the ground fifty metres away. Like the young audience the main adventure of the year and a variety of wigs that mimicked the most extreme hairstyles. As for the performances, especially the guests memorable concerts of the group “Chaif”, “DDT”, “DDT” and “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov.

The latter opened the festival. 265 thousand spectators danced to the famous “louboutins” and sang along with the rocker, as always, performing original versions of the songs. Sergey once again broke the law on the profanity.

Vladimir Shahrin surprised the audience by staging a hot summer day the winter. The leader of the “Chaif” not only performed songs from the album “Winter acoustics”. So fans fully plunged into winter mood, the stage was decorated with Christmas trees and on top of falling artificial snow. Festivals in the open air Vladimir will be all summer. The next major event where “Chaif” will perform as the headliner — MegaFonLive 2016, held for the second year in a row.

Diana put on the stage of the son Artem. The leader of group “DDT” Yuri Shevchuk touched the guests of the festival, dedicating a song to deceased rock musicians. During the song “Autumn” on the screen broadcast a video with pictures of those who are not with us.” When the screen showed a photo of a musician “king and the Clown” Michael Gorshenev, the hall roared. In honor of the deceased students have turned in the night screens of mobile phones and the whole field lit up bright lights.

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