The organizing Committee of “Eurovision” “hushed up” another scandal with Jamalay

Оргкомитет «Евровидения» «замял» очередной скандал с Джамалой
Fans of the contest caught the singer Jamal in the next violation.

Оргкомитет «Евровидения» «замял» очередной скандал с Джамалой


Netizens found the video-YouTube
live recording, where the singer Jamala performs the song with which she won the “Eurovision”. This is, like, nothing extraordinary, but this recording was made on may 19, 2015 and it was called in
the time “Our Crimea”. As you know, by the rules of the contest song
is party, should not be presented to the public before 1 September
of the previous year.

In response to the comment by one of the users of the Network, Jamal
answered quite confidently: “don’t worry my friend, it was just a rehearsal.
It was not the song”.

By the way, the video from the Internet immediately “cleaned”
fans of the winner of “Eurovision 2016”, but, unfortunately for them, the Supervisory
users had to maintain a video audition.

Despite the evidence
official representatives of the contest did not see this as grounds for review
results of the “Eurovision”, the more that Network entry was not very
popular, and I watched it just a few users.

“The rules state that
the songs can not be made public until the first of September of the year preceding
the beginning of the competition. Reference group of the EBU watched the video of the concert, which was
song Jamala. But it looked only a few hundred spectators with
the date of publication on YouTube, and EBU came to the conclusion that the video could not
be used for commercial purposes,” — said the official Russian journalists
the representative of the Eurovision Paul Jordan.

Sergey Lazarev

Photo: TV Channel “Russia”

Recall that the final contest “Eurovision 2016”, which
took place in Stockholm last weekend, has become one of the most scandalous in
the history of the competition. Such amount is dissatisfied with the results of the vote
the professional jury fans of the show can not remember. Perhaps the reason is
the fact that this year for the first time in the whole of Europe were separately articulated points
exhibited by the members of the jury and viewers ‘ votes. According to the first victory
Ukrainian singer Jamala, who performed the song,
dedicated to the persecution of her ancestors in 1944. The audience mostly
I voted for the Russian singer Sergey Lazarev, who sang a song
called “You are the Only One”. At Eurovision he won only
third position.

the fans even created a petition with a demand to reconsider the results of the competition
and give first place to someone who really deserved it. For two days the document
signed by more than 300 thousand people, and the organizers of “Eurovision” could not
to ignore the hoopla. However, the leadership contest did not succumb
all the hysteria and the position they are expressed quite harshly and directly.

“We understand that not everyone agrees with the results of the contest
“Eurovision”, — said in a statement. — However, in the Assembly where the results
determined on the basis of subjective and often very personal opinions, always
there will be people who disagree. Despite this, the results will remain in

So Jamal can be sure: no one will take her
a well-deserved award. And “Eurovision-2017” next year will be held in Kyiv.

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