The organizers of the “Provideniya” will consider a petition to revise the results of the contest

Организаторы "Еровидения" рассмотрят петицию о пересмотре итогов конкурса


The final of the contest “Eurovision 2016” and provoked a mixed reaction from the public: many believe that the victory of the representative of the Ukrainian Jamala, who performed the song “1944” about the deportation of Crimean Tatars in the great Patriotic war, due to political situation. In this regard, on the website there was a petition with a call to review the results of the competition.

Within hours the petition was signed by more than 200 thousand people! And now the organizers of the competition decided to consider it:

We are aware of the petition and the issue will be discussed today. Response of the European broadcasting Union will be published later

— said a spokesman for the EBU Floor Jordan.

What will be the official response of the organizers, hard to say: experts believe that the revision of the results cannot be considered, despite the fact that during the voting there had been gross errors.

We will remind, viewers, unlike the professional jury, the maximum number of votes given to Sergey Lazarev, but the Russians took only the third place.

Организаторы "Еровидения" рассмотрят петицию о пересмотре итогов конкурса
Sergey Lazarev

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