Открытие Олимпиады в Рио: в режиме экономии

In Brazil started the Olympics.

Got not all

The Olympics in Rio de Janeiro before the start became the most scandalous in the history of Gaming. Disqualification of the Russian athletes and weightlifters on highly questionable charges, numerous lawsuits and the courts. Some athletes even a few days before the start were not sure that will start. Some still are not sure: the last obstacle is the Commission the IOC of three, which should render their verdict to the Russians.For example, swimmers Nikita Lobintsev and Vladimir Morozov won a court yesterday (they appeared in the investigation by canadian lawyer Richard McLaren, accused in covering up positive doping tests), and Morozov on Sunday to start in the men’s relay 4 by 100 meter freestyle. In the last car managed to sprugnoli five other swimmers, including four-time world champion Yuliya Efimova.

Even cooler is the situation of cyclists Olga Zabelin. It wanted to prevent the Game for doping, the punishment for which she has already served. And now tonight, she had admission to the competition – less than 48 hours before the start. Good thing she was in Brazil, arriving there with her husband-coach for your money. But how many nerves spent… Any medal in such a situation as equal to gold.

But the colleague Zabelin led rider Ilnur Zakarin out of confusion: going, not going, to the start of the race, which will take place on Saturday. just don’t have time. But he had a chance for a medal. World champion rower Andrew Kraytor also came under the sanctions of the IOC. While he pleaded for his good name, the Federation said instead of another athlete. When Craitor won the case, he was asked to participate in the check-in and the winner went to the game. He refused, saying, I have earned my right. But the Game will eventually leave his opponent. Isn’t that a drama?

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Our room – 159

As a result, the composition of our long-suffering team a little more than 270 athletes. Some of them – about a hundred people took part in the opening ceremony of the Games at the stadium “Maracana”. Another 60 coaches and staff. The standard bearer was the captain of the national team of Russia on volleyball Sergey Tetyukhin. Americans flag was carried by legendary swimmer Michael Phelps, the British tennis player Andy Murray.High-profile disputes form of our Olympians on parade – many compared it to the suit of the doorman or Buba Kastorsky from “Elusive Avengers”. However, the Americans also has not done without scandal: in their branded t-shirts found the colors of the Russian flag.All the ceremony was attended by 12 thousand athletes from 207 countries, including Kosovo and South Sudan. Appeared on “Marakan” and refugees.

The parade was opened by the team of Greece on the rights of the founder of the Olympic games, the last in the procession the host country of the Games in Brazil. The countries marched in the order specified on the Portuguese alphabet. It so happened that before the U.S. team posed 555 athletes, hosted a delegation of Micronesia, in which only four athletes. Passed our 159-mi in a row, immediately in front of Solomon Islands and after Rwanda. It was nice to see that the mood of our was good. And flapped them a stadium very user-friendly.

One of the creative Directors of the opening ceremony was nominated for the “Oscar” for the film “City of God” filmmaker Fernando Meirelles. It has cost Brazil $ 20 million. Had to save, the country is currently in economic crisis. But it is not a matter of money. Akogda they are not the easiest to dance. Here and in the opening of the Games, taking part from 12 schools cambiaron also decorated Brazilian supermodel Lea T and Gisele Bundchen. For the ex-girlfriend of Leo DiCaprio this exit on a giant podium was the last one. Halle berry ended his career. But the legendary footballer Pele said that can’t be at the stadium because of health problems. Instead, the Olympic flame was lit by runner Wanderlei de Lima.

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