The only manuscript of the prequel to the “Harry Potter” stolen in England

Единственная рукопись приквела «Гарри Поттера» украдена в Англии

The only existing manuscript of the backstory about the wizard Harry Potter was kidnapped in the UK. The crime occurred at the end of last month, and police have appealed for help to the fans of the books, Rowling around the world asking for help to find stolen.

“We are confident that the manuscript prey collectors – fans of “Harry Potter”, and we ask all who see in selling that manuscript, immediately contact the police,” reads the police statement.
But if you invent that we are talking about a huge pile or the Talmud written by Joan securities, you are mistaken. Short story of 800 words, written by Rowling, briefly describes the plot of an upcoming book on the two sides of the postcard. Actions occur in it before the birth of Harry Potter and the Central characters are Severus Snape and Harry’s father James Potter.