Олигарх Саркисов борется с экс-супругой Юлией за детей The owner of a large insurance company trying to sue his former common-law wife’s right to educate heirs — sons Mark and Nikita, and daughter, Sophia. They were together for 11 years, but after breaking up with Nikolai told Julia that their marriage just seemed perfect.

      Олигарх Саркисов борется с экс-супругой Юлией за детей

      According to the journalists, at the moment in France is the legal battle between businessman Nikolai Sarkisov and his former lover Julia. The ex-wife in court contesting the right to raise three heirs — Marc, Nikita and Sofia. Nicholas and Julia hope that their conflict will end with the settlement agreement.

      Nikolay Sarkisov and Julia were together for about 11 years. After breaking up with businessman blonde changed her name on social media and start to publish posts as Julia Lyubechansky.

      Олигарх Саркисов борется с экс-супругой Юлией за детей

      Immediately after parting with former lover, the tycoon has started a new relationship. The choice of the owner of the company “RESO-Guarantee” fell to the TV presenter Olga Danko. Together they appeared at many social events. However, this novel was fleeting.

      After some time the companion 48-year-old Sarkisov was the 23-year-old model Ilona Catalog. Currently, the girl is pregnant from a man. It became clear in may, when at a party, Ilona noticed with a rounded belly. The model also regularly shares in his microblog photos significantly her interesting position.

      Young girlfriend of oligarch Sarkisov will become a mother

      We also recall that Julia Sarkisova gave an interview to representatives of mass media, which openly spoke about his life with a billionaire. According to the woman, their relationship just seemed perfect, and in fact, they were unbearable. Sarkisova felt like in a cage, as the businessman thought of her as his property.

      Then Julia also shed light on the details of her marriage with the owner of a large insurance company. Nicholas, claimed the woman who constantly insulted her, beg her to get pregnant, and then was back on his word, regularly terrorized his girlfriend at the little things. And when the man was not in the mood, he trashed his own apartment. The reason for this behavior Julia sees Nicholas addicted to alcohol. It brought him the darling not only to tears. According to Lyubechanskii, she tried several times to commit suicide.

      In its Frank story of Yulia mentioned about children. She said that the billionaire has threatened to take away her heirs. “You won’t be there, where they will live for my children” — quoted a woman of my word Sarkisova in conversation with Life.ru.

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