Старик и горе: 87-летний Иван Краско готовится к разводу с молодой женой
27-year-old Natalia Krasko “caught” cheating.

Ivan Krasko, Natalya wedding day

Seem loud divorce Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and Vitalina
Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya, which has been discussed for almost a year, gives place to
the ranking of the most scandalous gossip. Another unusual pair — the 87-year-old
Ivan Krasko and his wife, 27-year-old Natalia, in recent years become heroes
history similar to the script of the new season of “House-2”.

The other day a young wife of Ivan Ivanovich became the heroine
program “actually” on the First channel. Under ether showed
piperazine pictures, where she captured kissing a man twice
younger than her official husband. It turned out that sensational “photo shoot” done
to order. Sputnik 27-year-old paint is not just appeared in the Studio, but did not
to deny: he was paid 50 thousand rubles for an evening spent with his wife
well-known actor. Natalie did not know such details, however, reacted
what is happening with surprising calmness, more like indifference. “I
needed at least somebody to reboot your brain,” he said
it. When in the show were shown a video clip, where young people kiss, paint
said, he did not consider it treason.

87-year-old paint
in the broadcast of the same program, said that he could divorce his young wife Natasha.
“This will happen in some near future, — said Ivan Ivanovich. Sooner or later, apparently, this is inevitable, but we
will try to go natural, spiritually, humanly. Sensation yet.
So far everything is normal”.

By the way, in a custom shooting his 27-year-old wife during
Dating suspect the former spouse Krasko, whose name is also Natalia. Turned out
that their total sons Vanya and Fedi amid scandalous events in the life of the father in
lately, there have been problems at school.

“Just for me children — most importantly, I need them
to bring to mind. You know that the school system is now the problem, schools
not interested in children, they just don’t go there. Yes, they react naively,
it’s stupid, but force is generally taught to hate them all
system — explains the situation to Ivan. And both Natalia is great
understand. Necessary to solve the problem is not with kondachka, and human. We have all yet
OK but I think I should, above all, the children think”.