The OIO said the reasons for the scandalous departure of Alexander Maslyakov

В КВН назвали причины скандального ухода Александра Маслякова Union representatives commented on the allegations of fraud leading. Earlier, transparency international made accusations against Maslyakov senior, allegedly abused the official position while working as the Director of GUP “planet KVN”.
В КВН назвали причины скандального ухода Александра Маслякова

Company “transparency international” has published a material in which it was alleged that Alexander Maslyakov was fired from the post of head of GUP “planet KVN” because of allegations of corruption. Information about this has caused the big public resonance. Fans of the presenter couldn’t believe that he was suspected of acts prohibited by law.

Alexander Maslyakov was fired because of suspicions of corruption

Journalists contacted the press service of the WHC to comment on the situation. It confirmed that Alexander had indeed resigned as state unitary enterprises, but called for other reasons. According to representatives of the Union, he left the position not as a result of audits of the Prosecutor’s office, and on their own initiative.

“The procedure for the dismissal of the Director of GUP “IMC planet KVN” initiated by A. V. Maslakova in early 2017 in connection with the necessity of bringing his work into line with the requirements of Federal law – quoted in the press the statement of the press service. – However, due to a number of circumstances, including some of the bureaucratic aspects, this process was somewhat delayed. At the same time, this dismissal is produced in full compliance with the requirements of the law.”
В КВН назвали причины скандального ухода Александра Маслякова

Former colleagues of Alexander Maslyakov said that he had not reported on the basis of a complaint and the circumstances of the audit. Moreover, according to employees of the WHC, at the time of receipt of the request from the Prosecutor General’s office, the broadcaster had not held the position of Director of GUP.

Experts of “transparency” claim that the first had appealed to the Moscow Prosecutor’s office, which called the deal legal and consistent with Department of property of capital.

“We challenged the response to the Moscow Prosecutor’s office the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, and only after that the Moscow government has fired Maslyakov as Director of GUP by order dated July 21, 2017,” reads the organization’s website.

At the same time, the press service of KVN other information that followed the inspection of the Prosecutor’s office. “As far as we know, no responses were taken. The arguments of the organization “transparency international” is not confirmed” – quoted representatives of the Union to RIA Novosti.

Recall that the investigation of the organization for the fight against corruption under the heading of “As fired from Maslyakov KVN” was released on November 30. It Maslyakov accused of violating the restriction and prohibitions imposed on managers of state Unitary enterprises. It was alleged that the presenter, being the Director of a state enterprise, combined work and business.