The official website of “Sony Music” reported the death of Britney Spears

Официальный сайт «Sony Music» сообщил о смерти Бритни Спирс
The reason specified “accident”.

Britney Spears


on the official website of the record company appeared horrified all
the message: “Britney Spears died in an accident. Details
will be announced later.” Among the many millions of fans of the singer
started such a panic that the singer’s Manager Adam Leber was forced to do
statement: “Britney is alive and well. Apparently, someone hacked
company website and posted a false message. Information about her “death” appeared
in the Network many times, but never has such “news” was not reported allegedly
officially and on behalf of Sony!”

In fact, Britney’s just it’s not
just good, but absolutely wonderful. 35-year-old singer successfully continues its
performances in Las Vegas, her sons, 11-year-old Sean Preston and 10-year-old Jaden
James safely grow and learn well in school. And she recently
found a new love in the face of his new boyfriend Sam Asgari. With him
Spears met when he worked on his new music video Slumber Party.

Sexy Asgari, rightfully proud of his pumped-up musculature,
he enjoys bodybuilding and hopes to make a career in show business. He came
from Iran 9 years ago and during that time managed to earn himself a Hollywood reputation
this heartthrob.

for the first time that Britney saw in the company of Sam in public in the beginning of December, when
he invited her out to a restaurant. For the first “rendezvous” was followed by a second,
then the third… moreover, as reported yesterday, Spears even Christmas
spent Asgari! About it
fans of the singer have learned due to the fact that Sam has laid out in his microblog joint
festive photo with Britney, where they both with a special “filter”
transformed into a couple of nice “deer”.