The office of Los Angeles still wants to punish Roman Polanski

Прокуратура Лос-Анджелеса все еще хочет наказать Романа Полански

The name Roman Polanski over several decades is associated not so much with his film credits, much to the scandal connected with pedophilia.

In 1977 the Director was accused of raping a 13-year-old girl Samantha Gamer in the house of actor Jack Nicholson in Los Angeles. The girl, who at the time worked as a model and was invited to the actor’s house under the pretext to do a photo shoot for Vogue magazine. But Polanski, according to Gamer, had other goals. He drugged Samantha with champagne, drugged, and then forced her to have oral and anal sex.

Interestingly, Roman pleaded guilty in a sexual relationship with a juvenile. The guilty plea reduced the sentence of the Director. They would also need to undergo a psychiatric examination and treatment in connection with those actions that he did.

Polanski’s lawyer and the Prosecutor’s office failed to agree on what punishment he should incur. It was about probation, but the judge who heard this case, this arrangement is not agreed. Knowing that he can get a real time, Polanski fled from the US to the UK (in London).

Roman tried to avoid punishment, but he still will not be able to do if he set foot in the United States.

“If the defendant returns to the jurisdiction of the United States, he has several options. He can appear in court and to require the issuance of a favorable judgment or to refuse the application and participate in the process on all the initial charges in the address. He may file a complaint in the court of appeal. It can enter into negotiations with the prosecution. But he can’t dictate terms from afar, protecting yourself from possible adverse consequences,” said Deputy Prosecutor Michelle Henisi.

Note that since Polanski fled the US, he visited many countries, including Poland and France. By the way, Polanski is a citizen of these countries. Filmmaker now resides in France, a country which prohibits the extradition of nationals to other States.