The offended dancer would not accept an apology Litvinova and Posner

Оскорбленный танцор не принял извинений Литвиновой и Познера
Evgeny Smirnov left the project because of the scandalous statements to the jury.

Evgeny Smirnov

Judges of the project “Minute of fame” Vladimir Pozner and Renata Litvinova apologized before the member of the project — Evgeny Smirnov. As it became known, after the scandal broke, the dancer decided to leave the show, despite the fact that the jury he went to the next round.

“You understand that I didn’t want to hurt you? I want to apologize, but not for what I said but for the fact that I was not understood correctly. People are people, we can’t always control your feelings. I voted against, but I want you to continue with the show!” — said Posner.

Renata admitted that just poorly chose my words, to Express the idea with the Director’s point of view. “You know, I was also injured your position as you are now injured. I understand that you have a heart. And because of the emotional relationship that I can’t be against someone like you, who overcomes himself… I didn’t want to say another word and used medical term. Can’t appreciate your courage, strength of the person with limited physical capabilities. I wanted you to continue! You say resentment. But if you want to speak from people like you, other people, you have to pull yourself together and continue to fight. It will be the best role model for people who you want to lead by example. I did not mean to offend you. Because I just voted “for”. I had no idea that my medical terms is treated so!” — said Litvinov.

It should be noted that the dancer is pretty dry reacted to the apology. “So I’m going in life and why I’m on this stage. And if I go with this project, that doesn’t mean I’ll stop. I came here to be evaluated objectively and tried to put a dance to max everything smooth. To make such elements and support that many do not succeed. I worked a lot of time, a lot of sweat came out of me. And when I hear such assessments, when you say that you want to hide the disability that it was not so obvious… I made a decision. Objective opinions in my direction can’t be!” — answered Eugene.