Диетолог назвала причину резкого похудения Пугачевой According to experts, the singer has removed part of the stomach. Alla Pugacheva allegedly went to the doctors to lose weight in a short time. However, the singer has not commented on this information.
Диетолог назвала причину резкого похудения Пугачевой

Over the last few years Alla Pugacheva radically changed her image. The actress was very thin and looked 20 years younger. Fans do not get tired to admire the beauty and femininity of the Divas. However, a nutritionist, appeared in the program “You wouldn’t believe!”I am convinced that the secret to rapid weight loss lies in the serious operation which ran a star.

“Yes, Alla Borisovna has really made a resection of the stomach, I was aware of that. So she went so fast I began to lose weight. The procedure removes part of the stomach and then decreases the weight, leaving all the excess. But here we must be very careful because a person needs regular medical observation. If this is not done, too it is possible to lose weight health risks”, – noticed the expert.

The band really managed to lose at least 20 pounds. However, she completely changed her wardrobe. Now the outfits the stars have become more elegant, feminine. Despite the General attention of others, Alla Borisovna refused to reveal the secrets of her diet.

According to fans, the singer could really use such a procedure. Now they are worried about her health, because the actress has long been a heart problem, any surgery can have a negative impact on the health of Alla.

According to the doctor that often works with patients who have applied for such operations, Pugachev did not instruct on the correct behavior after surgery.

“I saw her just recently and she is very thin. This is not surprising because resection weight loss is gradual. She just told how to behave after the procedure, so the weight will continue to decrease. Now Alla Borisovna need professional help,” said the nutritionist.

However, no evidence confirming operation, the program has not been provided.

Many fans of the band believe in such a radical change in appearance the artist was inspired by beloved husband. After the wedding with Maxim Galkin Diva literally blossomed. She began carefully to follow the diet to limit yourself in fatty and sweet foods.

Earlier also repeatedly appeared rumors about plastic surgery, which supposedly uses Joe. Fans stars hard to believe she can look so brilliant without surgery. The Diva delicately silent about their beauty secrets, gladly taking compliments.