«Щелкунчик»: все тайны новогодней сказки
To visit “the Nutcracker” for the New year — same great tradition as the Christmas tree.

«Щелкунчик»: все тайны новогодней сказки

“The Nutcracker” at the Mariinsky theatre

Photo: Emma manning/Mariinsky theatre

To visit “the Nutcracker” for the New year — same great tradition as the Christmas tree, and a song from a show long ago entered the category of “popular hits”. This week, Tchaikovsky, exactly 125 years! Ballet based on the tale of Hoffmann saw the light at the Mariinsky theatre in St. Petersburg. Surprisingly, this famous scene of “the Nutcracker” is still, and its current version is from 1934 that is worthy of the Guinness Book of records! Half a century in play at the same time were stars of theater and students of the Vaganova school, now the Academy of Russian ballet. Then the staging was divided into “adult” and “child”. “Show student’s performance is difficult, — says the rector of the Academy Nikolai Tsiskaridze. — Growing up, the boys grow out of roles. So every year in September we have to prepare the party with new young artists”.

Nikolay Tsiskaridze: “For 18 years in the role of a Prince I have never embroidered suit: how was the waist is 66 cm, and remains” With Marianne Ryzhkina at the Bolshoi theatre

Photo: Alexander Kosinets/ITAR-TASS

By the way, Tsiskaridze also set a record: he went on stage at the Bolshoi theatre in the Nutcracker for 21 years! “The first three years I was in the role of the French dolls. But then 18 years old was a Prince dance party this 101 times! By the way, the suit over the years, I have never embroidered: how was the waist is 66 cm, and remained”. Tsiskaridze danced in “the Nutcracker” even on December, 31st — the day of his birth. “It is, indeed, a sad occasion, I do not like it. But when dancing, so busy that sad time… December 31, in addition to flowers I have ever received a gift and a small Christmas tree, decorated with toys. The tree then stood in my dressing room and pleasing to the eye”. Now the role of the Prince in “the Nutcracker” performed by students Tsiskaridze: ballet stars Denis Rodkin and Artem Ovcharenko in a Large and students of the Vaganova ballet Academy — Mariinsky, on the very same stage, where 125 years ago and began the story of “the Nutcracker”.