The novels of Oleg vidov: was there in his life of Galina Brezhnev?

Романы Олега Видова: была ли в его жизни Галина Брежнева? In the Studio of “live” discussed the life of a famous actor who died yesterday in America. Wife of Oleg Borisovich told reporters that he died of complications of cancer.
Романы Олега Видова: была ли в его жизни Галина Брежнева?

He died yesterday, honored artist of the RSFSR Oleg vidov living in the USA. On the death of the famous actor told his wife Joan Borsten. According to the woman, her husband died of complications from cancer. The news about the death of movie stars caused a huge public resonance. Fans of Oleg Borisovich wrote that his role will remain forever in their hearts. Millions of viewers grew up on films such as “the headless Horseman”, “Gentlemen of fortune”, “Blizzard” and “Ordinary miracle”.

Once the darling of the celebrity announced the sad news, social networks began to recall the past life of the actor. The fans of Oleg vidov remembered that he was married to a friend of Galina Brezhneva, Natalya Fedotova. There were rumors that their divorce was the fault of the artist, they say, he cheated on his wife. However Oleg B. this information is not confirmed. In interviews, he said that such speculation was untrue.

Third wife of Oleg vidov was the American journalist Joan Borsten. The couple lived in the United States. It was rumored that after leaving actor with influential Natalia Fedotova, he stopped giving roles in the Soviet cinema, so he moved abroad. Himself Oleg Borisovich said that his emigration was due to several causes, including vigorous activity ex-wife. The movie star admitted that she tried to ruin his life.

Романы Олега Видова: была ли в его жизни Галина Брежнева?

Wednesday, may 17, at the Studio of “live” remembered the life and work of Oleg Borisovich, and also tried to shed light on his relationship with the woman. One of the guests of the show was Emmanuel Vitorgan. According to the artist, Species have moved overseas due to problems with the work.

“He said that the profession that was his life, was lost… He was associated with women, which was of great interest to government business,” said Emmanuel gedeonovich.

A close friend of Galina Brezhneva Victoria Lazic remembered the first meeting with Oleg vidov with her friend. According to the woman, her friend admired the actor. “The Gal he loved… It was the hero of her novel, but between them was the age difference. Galina wanted to see him, and married him to Natalia”, – said Lazic.

However, Fedotov, as experts told, I did not think the actor teacher. A year later she was fascinated by Fidel Castro. Roman Natalia developed in the eyes of the artist. Because of this he fell into a severe depression. However, most Oleg Borisovich was not allowed to change his wife. According to Victoria Lazic, the wife was jealous of him and even did the dirt on her husband, photographed the artist in the background of scantily clad young beauty Malvina Cherry. She was passionately in love with an actor and then decided to make the play – purposely stripped in the presence of a celebrity.

Романы Олега Видова: была ли в его жизни Галина Брежнева?

Memories of Oleg kinds of f also shared Vladimir Vinokur. The comedian wanted to save the career of the man, but his attempts were not crowned with success. At the time, the name of the species was even removed from the posters that were hung up in all the cities where he had performed.

“He divorced, and he started having trouble. We met and he told me that he lost his apartment and car. At Mosfilm, he stopped shooting. I tried to help Oleg… ” – said Vladimir Vinokur.
Романы Олега Видова: была ли в его жизни Галина Брежнева?

The third wife of Oleg vidov was journalist Joan Borsten, which made contact with the Studio from Los Angeles. It was accompanied by the actor’s son from a previous relationship Sergey, met with his father at the age of 16 years. Joan became his second mother. According to Borsten, before his death, the artist listened to the excerpt from the famous works of Hemingway.

“I decided that I would read books to him. For him I chose “the old Man and the sea”. That scene where he throws the fish and returned to Havana… I finished reading, and after a few minutes he went peacefully,” – said the widow of the artist.

Producer Gennady Gurevich expressed their condolences to the family of movie stars. “Oleg called me in between two hits in a hospital and told me not to come. Yesterday I caught the news and I was shocked… I never talked about the illness, and even could not assume,” shared the man.

Joan Borsten frankly told about how her husband had struggled with serious illness.

“I was diagnosed in 2010 in Moscow. In many cases, the disease is just dormant and does not manifest itself. Only two years it all exploded. He didn’t tell anyone, we found the best doctor, he was in Los Angeles. He managed to fight it fairly successfully until the beginning of the year, when the disease began to win. When we put him in the hospital in early may, I thought everything will be as before. But I see that things turned out otherwise… He didn’t want to die in the hospital and we took him home. Was the whole family, every day we watch Russian films, he was glad and happy. We did not depart from it. I think we did everything we could to make it feel comfortable,” shared the woman.

According to Borsten, before the death of her husband, she led a dialogue with it. “I think when he was born, his shoulder was an angel. We talked about all the amazing events of his life. He was able to do what was many not on the shoulder. He was satisfied that he had lived a very good and meaningful life. He always remembered his Soviet and Russian fans, who loved him very much,” shared the widow of a celebrity.

I should add that Oleg Species in their interviews noted that the second wife is different from him. The actor admitted that the photos belonged to a different layer of society. “Natasha really was a friend of Gali Brezhneva. But this world was alien to me. I just got on the wrong feast. I grew up on the street and she probably was a secular lady,” said the movie star.