“The ninth wave” and “again deuce”

«Девятый вал» и «опять двойка» My friend, journalist Andrew Brenner, working in Germany, one day flew to Moscow. Baskov Concert? – I decided, but I was wrong.

    «Девятый вал» и «опять двойка»

    The purpose of the trip Andrew Brenner was the Aivazovsky exhibition in the Tretyakov gallery. After ten minutes of watching the famous Marin, and the exhibition features 33 paintings and 9 drawings by the painter, I began to have a phobia of the number of people and size of the waves, endless seascapes, and when a group of sailors-cadets who tried the prohibitions of supervisors imprinted “the Ninth shaft”, was thrown on me, with legs ran with Andrew in the side rooms of art of the XX century. “The Black square” Malevich was no one. Great Falk, Serebryakova, Tyshler – any audience. Only the painting by Fyodor Reshetnikov “deuce Again” was the President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin with his wife Tatiana. They, like us, had taken refuge here from the storm created by fans Aivazovsky, and wondered what caused such madness. Agreed that PR in our time – everything.

    In fairness, I note that the artist of the General naval staff of Russia, which Ivan Aivazovsky was appointed in 1844, the world admired during his lifetime. Say, master of the English romantic landscape painter William Turner literally froze in front of the paintings of the Russian colleagues.