The niece of Patrick Swayze quarreling with his widow

Племянница Патрика Суэйзи поскандалила с его вдовой

About the complicated relationship Hollywood heartthrob Patrick Swayze with his wife Lisa Niemi, especially under the sunset of his life, written much. The relatives of the stars of “Dirty dancing” claim that Lisa is “greedy black widow”, which only thinks how to make her husband’s memory.

Daniel Swayze, niece of the deceased actor, is outraged by the “auction memory”, organized by Niemi, selling personal belongings of the artist. The indignation Daniel stated on his page on the social network Facebook.
“I promise I’ll tear your world into thousands of pieces, and it will be more scary and painful than any of us that you screwed over. You earn money on behalf of my family, unscrupulous and a terrible person. Family values should stay in the family. How much more fucking money do you need?” — angry girl.
Niemi had inherited 40 million dollars of the inheritance of Patrick, who died in 2009 from pancreatic cancer. It is noteworthy that he changed his last will shortly before his death, and the deceased’s relatives are sure that the notary, which Lisa brought to the dying husband, a swindler, because Swayze at the time of changing the will was already clouding his mind.
According to the widow, he offered her husband’s family to take “some things”, but they refused.
“A few months ago I contacted them with an offer to pick up some memorabilia. but they refused, some of them never called me back. It is no secret that they treat me not too well, but I haven’t done anything wrong. And I’m still waiting for the address where I can send things Patrick” wrote Lisa.
In 2014, Niemi married jeweler Elbert, Deprisco and doing home repairs. Many of the things her late husband, she kept for many years, but now it’s time to say goodbye to them, and Niemi decided to organize the so-called “auction in memory of Patrick Swayze”.
But Daniel will not lie to Lisa. according to the girl, no one had not contacted him, neither Niemi nor its representative.
“All this blatant lie! It’s been eight years, but neither she nor her representative did not go with us on contact! Stop lying to me!” — asked the girl to your ex aunt.
Daniel organized the collection of signatures in the petition “Help to return things Patrick Swayze to his family!”, the purpose of which is to stop the auction, because the items are too personal things that needs to be given to relatives Swayze. For example, one of the lots – toys of the actor or his favorite red shirt, which he promised to give the mother and cowboy boots. Shortly after the death of Patsy, the mother of the artist, asked Lisa to give them to so she could put the fireplace next to the same father, but Niemi rudely refused mother-in-law.