The newborn son Jasmine first achievements

У новорожденного сына Жасмин первые достижения
The singer shared the success of his crumbs.

У новорожденного сына Жасмин первые достижения

Jasmine with son Miron

Photo: @jasminshor Instagram Jasmine

With the appearance on
light third child Jasmine — son of Myron held once a week, and the singer
is in a hurry to share the first achievements of the newly born child. It
published in his microblog a picture of the new baby and talked about how
go Myron.

“Today we celebrated
7 days! We already know how to smile, to cling on to mom’s finger and trying
carefully consider who is talking to us! Such a joy, every minute
to be with him!” — admitted Jasmine. This time the singer showed a tiny
the handle son. Prior to that, Jasmine had shared with fans a touching snapshot of Myron heels.

Jasmine and her son Miron

Photo: @jasminshor Instagram Jasmine

By the way, about the birth of another child in the family of Ilan and Jasmine started talking after the birth of her daughter Margarita. The fact that Ilan really wanted a son, an heir. “We decided to call him Myron, in honor of her husband’s father,” said Jasmin in his exclusive interview to the magazine “Seven days”. — By the way, the daughter we named after my mom. We sometimes with my dad even calling Daisy mamusa, mamulečka, mommy”. But the sex of the baby Jasmine was kept secret until recently.

“Just the other day I had a dream: is a brown-eyed boy, and I know that this is my son. And then something happened, and this boy looks at me blue eyes, ” said Jasmine in an interview with the magazine “Seven days”. — Last time, unlike her husband and son, I dreamed about a girl, but now the daughter I already have”.

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