The new Yorker was beaten for resemblance to Shia Labefa

Жителя Нью-Йорка избили за сходство с Шайа ЛаБафом

26-year-old resident of new York Mario Licata has suffered because of his resemblance to the actor, Shia Labefa. The next day after the incident, the actor contacted him and wished him a speedy recovery.

To be like a celebrity can be dangerous to your health. Licata Mario (Mario Licato), art Director from new York city, was the victim of antifolate Shia LaBeouf (Shia LaBeouf): unknown attacked Mario when he came out of the subway and smacked him in the face with words that is very similar to the actor.

The victim told about it on the page in instagram, where she posted a picture of his swollen face.

Жителя Нью-Йорка избили за сходство с Шайа ЛаБафом

“I want to thank the guy who hit me last night. He said: “That’s because you look a lot like Shia LaBeouf”. Well, well, sir, you raised my self-esteem because he’s handsome”, signed photograph of Mario.

The next day after the incident, the star of “Transformers” (Transformers) wrote to his counterpart in instagram: “Hey, I left you a voice message.

According to Mario, he was moved by the actor who was frustrated and depressed because of what happened. “Now I’d like to be in new York to bring you some soup,’ said LaBeouf. — If you want to, call me. We could chat and share a laugh over this ridiculous story.”

Mario plans to contact the actor and to know what it do not hit the attacker. Perhaps the offender did not like last year’s trick LaBeouf, when he for three days in a new York cinema watching movies with his participation, says Licata.

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