The new Yorker was beaten because of the similarity with the actor Shia Labefa

Житель Нью-Йорка был избит из-за схожести с актером Шайей ЛаБафом

Someone similarity with a Hollywood celebrity can be on hand, someone suffering from it.

Thus, problems due to the fact that he resembles, sail Labate complained a resident of the city of new York, Mario Licata.

According to the guy on the platform in the Lower East side (Manhattan, new York, USA) he was attacked by unknown and shouting punched in the face.

After the incident, the assailant fled. “I saw only his fists, and then my face filled with blood. I fell down some stairs and for a while could not get up. The assailant shouted after me: “It’s because you look like a Labate“, — said Mario.

Fortunately, serious injury Licata were not applied, only a bruise.

Will the police find the bully and will Mario deal with it, not specified.


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