The new soloist of the group SEREBRO admitted that alone

Новая солистка группы SEREBRO призналась, что одинока Kate Kischuk recently joined the female trio, intends to work hard. The girl told reporters about his personal life and how you came to the casting Maxim Fadeev.

      Новая солистка группы SEREBRO призналась, что одинока

      This week summed up the results of castnia in the popular Russian band SEREBRO. Place Daria Casinoi, who left the band due to health problems, took a talented girl Kate Kischuk. The new soloist of the trio told reporters about loneliness and about how she managed to bypass competitors on the casting Maxim Fadeev.

      22-summer Katya has been studying music since the age of four, graduated from musical school on a class “choral singing” and dance school Moscow state University of culture. The new soloist of the band was born in Tula, but a few years ago moved to Moscow. Kate couldn’t decide how it wants to build her life in the capital.

      “I didn’t know what I want, so I decided to go to Asia. Lived there for about a year: first in Thailand, then in China. After that visit settled the house and didn’t know what to do with myself, I decided to go back to China to work. But when we had finished, contracts, and tickets, I missed the plane. This was some kind of mystic,” said the new soloist of the band SEREBRO.

      Новая солистка группы SEREBRO призналась, что одинока

      Due to the busy schedule at Kischuk no time for personal life, so the girl’s heart freely. Undoubtedly, after the first concert of the maiden team beauties will appear the crowd of fans, including male. The number of subscribers in social networks is growing every day. Fans noted that the new vocalist is very similar in appearance to a bygone Daria Shashina. Kate said that it did not compare the times and with the world stars: Lindsay Lohan, Mila kunis and even Marion Cotillard.

      When the singer was applied to the casting, she did not hope to win, as the number of contenders for the role of the soloist of the group SEREBRO was really impressive.

      “To my surprise, entered the top ten, and when I was casting with Maxim Alexandrovich, decided not to watch any videos where I sing, no comments, not to rejoice and not grieve. I didn’t even see Maxim Aleksandrovich has declared that because rode with my dad from Tula to Moscow, I had no Internet. Me all began to call with congratulations, and I was just in shock,” shared joy Kischuk.

      Kischuk gradually joins the group and is already working together with other singers on the song Chocolate cookies. The soloist said about the composition of the new journalists Lifenews: “It is summer, cool, energetic. I will work, work, work and more work, so as not to fail in any case”.

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