Новым Джеймсом Бондом стал Андрей Болконский

The role of agent 007 predicting James Norton, who played the Bolkonsky in BBC series “War and peace”.

When Daniel Craig, who played the role of bond in the last four parts of the film, expressed the desire to leave the project, the producers of James bond made not by casting but a real mess. Who not only claimed the laurels of the agent 007, but it seems that won again in English.

Previously, the tabloids reported that Craig will be replaced by Tom Hiddleston, the villain Loki from the movie “the Avengers”. But there it was! The casting continues. And while the actors are fighting for the role, the English bookies take bets from fans.

In a battle involving Aidan Turner, Tom Hiddleston is still in business, Tom hardy, joined captain Brody from “homeland” actor Damian Lewis and James Norton, who became famous thanks to the role of Andrei Bolkonsky in the BBC series “War and peace”.

And you know what? Bolkonsky, that is Norton, is in the lead!

For him as for a new bond voted by the majority of Britons. We suspect that women were the majority. To resist the difficult actor…

On account of the 30-year-old Beau James has more than 20 roles. Most often, Norton starred in the historical dramas. Well, see it as the producers of the hero of the gallant former times, when the lady fought a duel.

But such large-scale roles, like in James bond films, James was not. If the actor will be able to overtake their rivals and become the new 007, his career will soar to the heavens. However, Norton still did not win, Damian Lewis and other tightly breathing in his back.

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