The new host of “Revizorro” ready to inadequate attacks

Новая ведущая «Ревизорро» готова к неадекватным атакам The new host of “Revizorro” confessed that he always mentally prepared for any conflict. Olga Romanov has to get used to the difficulties that arise during the filming of the new season show on TV “Friday”.

      Новая ведущая «Ревизорро» готова к неадекватным атакам

      Olga Romanovskaya recently changed Lena Volatile in the post of leading the program “Revizorro”. The appointment of ex-member of popular girl group “VIA Gra” has caused an outcry from fans of the show, but she assured everyone that I will be able to fit into the project.

      The shooting of the Romanov prepared for any eventuality. “I’m aware that not all owners and employees of the institutions to adequately respond to the appearance of the crew “Revizorro”. I mentally prepared for conflict and even physical clashes. So far everything has been relatively smooth, no resistance. But, if anything, I’m not easily frightened, and ready to attack”, – shared his emotions from filming the new host of “Revizorro”.

      Olga admitted that, as soon as started shooting, she had mixed feelings. She felt passion and great excitement. “I don’t understand how to behave in a given situation, but, fortunately, behind has always been a producer, Lena, who has guided me in the right direction. Now I’m much easier to adapt in any school!”, – told the ex-participant of “VIA gra” TV channel “Friday”.

      Romanov is aware that the shocks associated with the check, waiting for another ahead. Earlier the star reported that will be able to make the show “Revizorro” something new. “I have only a little time. I, by nature, are rather cute. But, at the same time, I can ruffle a few seconds, and I turn into an angry monster. Don’t like rudeness, rednecks, when blatantly lying,” warned Olga in conversation with “Stricom”.

      Over the weekend filming the new series of “Revizorro” was held in Tula, and Olga went to four restaurants. Apparently, Romanov was able to quickly integrate into the workflow and get comfortable.

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