Новая высота взята: Волочкова сделала первое голое селфи

After the tour, the ballerina has enjoyed holidays in Crete.

This time, Anastasia chose a favorite Maldives vacation on the Mediterranean coast. Namely Greece.

The rest of the ballet dancer was true to himself – a lot of photos in swimsuit, split trees and even visits from mysterious strangers. But then Volochkova has never been done before – so it’s a selfie in the mirror…

“My dear. You so much! Will not please everyone… Then turn one side, then the other, then twine lacking, then a lot of splits. Then get dressed, then undress. I view good. In a swimsuit at the beach or without him, believe the word, signed the Anastasia publication. And I want to see. For many calming and not writing nasty things with the zeros of publications and subscribers. A bruise on my thigh will pass. (The result of the complex supports with partners in numerous shows.) But the anger and jealousy many of you incurable. If you don’t like me. Or envy silently”.

Selfie ballerina in a few hours raised almost 2 thousand likes, and the comments, surprisingly the ballerina, there were more defenders than detractors.

“Nastya, do not listen to anyone, we love you”, “Be itself”, “nice swimsuit,” wrote subscribers microblog celebrities. And asked on a date by the sea. And, of course, the main question fans Volochkova: and wait for continue?..

But I think not worth it! The ballerina has already returned to Moscow and started to work.

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