The new guy Kafelnikov caught in a doping scandal

Новый парень Кафельниковой попал в допинг-скандал

17-year-old model has publicly stated that he would not leave his beloved in trouble.

Already it is no secret that 17-year-old daughter of Yevgeny Kafelnikov plunged into the maelstrom of a new novel. The son of Metropolitan restorer Nikita Novikov girl ditched… player Junior hockey League Herman Rubtsov.

But as soon as a photo of a young person appearing in the blog of the girl, fans immediately rushed to study his life and remembered that just recently, Herman, unwittingly, was at the center of the scandal connected with use by athletes of Meldonium.

Recall that the trace is prohibited from the beginning of 2016 of the drug were found in blood of Junior ice hockey team of Russia on hockey in early April. In this regard, it was decided to send to the world Cup in USA the other team.

It is no wonder that what happened was a real blow for athletes. Herman was no exception. However, comfort in the current situation, he still was, though small.

His new girlfriend, Lesya, tried to support the guy as soon as possible. The girl publicly stated that he is very concerned for his boyfriend.

“We as a family now worry about it! Very much. All the guys from MHL (Youth hockey League) is now very bad, not only for Gera”, – some time ago I wrote to Ales in one of the social networks.

We will remind, it already the second serious relationship of a daughter of a famous tennis player. Nikita Novikov Ales had been Dating for almost two years. Young people traveled, communicated in the same company. One time she even called him her future husband and even prepared to wear a wedding dress. But it did not happen.

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