The new girlfriend of Denis Matrosov expecting a baby

Новая возлюбленная Дениса Матросова ждет ребенка The actor and his fiancee Olga Golovina ready to become parents. We already know that they have a son. The couple started Dating in 2015. Olga helped the star theatre to discard the fear of the relationship and to be happy again.

      Новая возлюбленная Дениса Матросова ждет ребенка

      Denis Matrosov long concealed his new beloved, Olga Golovin. In social networks the actor did not appear photos of the stars together with a charming blonde. Probably, Denis was worried that he could be blamed for such a rapid affair after my divorce with Maria Kulikova.

      Beloved met after the performance with the actor “a Streetcar named Desire”. According to the girl, she fell in love with Denis, as soon as I saw the colorful man on television, therefore I came to the theater for a personal meeting. Now the happy couple is already preparing to become parents. The actor and his girlfriend expecting a boy.

      “Call, don’t know yet. I’m leaning towards one name, but Olga to another. The date the doctors put us about 3 may. I will definitely be here for the birth. First I want to take the baby in his arms, himself to cut the cord. I think it really brings people together and helps then in difficult periods of life” – shared with journalists the actor.

      According to the couple, they really wanted a baby. When meeting each other they immediately discussed the issue of having children. When it became known that Olga is expecting a boy, Dennis long time no one reported the good news. Even his relatives did not recognize that their family is expecting a new addition. When Denis told the mother the news, she burst into tears of joy.

      Despite the fact that Olga’s first pregnancy was very difficult, the nature of the mother has not changed. According to the actor, his lady had no whims, which is typical of girls in the state.

      “Olya is a fighter in life… Then the doctor who is pregnant, a little speechless not lost: “What’s that, you say, she dug up the vegetable garden on the ninth month? Well, well, I won’t you any meds to prescribe, go home,” recalled one amusing incident of Sailors.

      Denis and Olga have children from first marriages. The actor has a son Ivan, his beloved daughter Sasha. According to some media reports, the Matrosov has two child out of wedlock from his relationship with actress Ludmila Tatarova, but he does not communicate with them.

      Despite fears of Olga and Denis, the kids got along great with each other. Golovina daughter even calls James a brother. Children look forward to the birth of the baby. The actor plans to take a break from work, the first time to help his lover with a newborn.

      It is assumed that after the birth of her son Denis and Olga were married. The actor wants to propose to his beloved in an unexpected place. Lovers do not consider it necessary to lavishly celebrate the celebration itself. They said in an interview that the wedding will take place in a circle of close friends and relatives.

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