Новая избранница Александра Маршала рассказала о его характере Girl Karina’t mind that the singer is older than her 36 years. They have been together for a year and now boldly declare their relationship on television. The new fiancee of Alexander Marshall told about his character.
Новая избранница Александра Маршала рассказала о его характере

Hero program TV channel Russia-1 “When all the houses” was Alexander Marshall. The singer presented the crew of the loved ones who are now with him. This 20-year-old son from his third marriage – Artem Minkov (real name Alexander – approx. ed.) and the new fiancee of the artist – Karina Nugaev.

The girl told us a bit about yourself, and under what circumstances she met the famous musician and how they started Dating.

“I managing editor on the radio (radio “Chanson” – approx.ed), collect, process playlist. Sasha was the jubilee concert last year. He came on the air. We were familiar with, met, so to speak, the eyes. Then there was the concert, and after it all started…” – said Karina.
Новая избранница Александра Маршала рассказала о его характере

Alexander Marshall older than his lady for 36 years, but neither he nor her, the age difference does not bother. Karina said in the program that sometimes it behaves much more serious than their adult partner.

“Despite his age, he is still a boy. Sometimes I say, well, look, I’m serious in this situation than you are,” he told the new girl Alexander Marshal.

Man and woman have been together for almost a year. Alexander believes that while life is not ruined their relationship. Rather than scattering words, Marshall talks about new feelings with caution and briefly: “some Kind of chemistry. Unexplained”.

Almost three years ago, Marshall was credited with an affair with model Yulia from St. Petersburg, but her Alexander did not appear on television. From this fans came to the conclusion that, apparently, Karina is much more serious.

Alexander was married three times, moreover, the Marshal was long and full of passion novel with the soloist of group “Brilliant” Nadia Handle. But it is a long time in the past, Nadia has a child from another man.

In the second and third marriage Alexander Marshal had children – daughter Pauline, the actress lives in America, son Artem went in his father’s footsteps and became a musician. 20-year-old Artem Minkov have chosen another kind of music and rapping. At the same time, the young man does not hide that he was proud of his father and even takes his new personal life. “I will always “pull”for the fact that I am my father’s son. I do not see any luck or anything else. It just so happens that my father is a musician, and a musician, which I am proud”, – said Artem in the program.