The new boyfriend of Madonna over the previous

Новый возлюбленный Мадонны старше предыдущего

American singer Madonna continues to change young lovers, Godea her sons. Almost a year 58-year-old pop diva has lived with 26-year-old Abukareem “Brooklyn” Soumahoro, but now she has a new love interest: the 31-year-old male model Kevin Sampaio.

Insiders claim that Soumahoro, a recent partner of the singer, was not easy for her lover. They had a very serious relationship. The guy lived with the artist f upscale home on the East side, made friends with children and even at some point became closer to them Madonna, which caused some disputes between lovers.
According to the same sources, Abujaber recently lives in the house of the actress, and she went on a romantic getaway with Sampaio in Lisbon, Portugal. Soumahoro quietly going through a breakup, the more that love affair with Madonna has accelerated the growth of his career in a modeling Agency.
Insiders report that Madonna was struck by the honesty of a former lover. It seemed to her, as soon as he leaves her house, as immediately sent to journalists to sell the details of their life together. But, Abujaber was an honest guy and avoid such suggestions from reporters.
The singer is in no hurry to make their new romance public.
“She wants to know him better and see if she can trust him. Also, Madonna would not want to be known as a woman who changes lovers like gloves” — said the insider.