The network will be the photo completely naked girlfriends of Prince Harry

В Сети появятся фото совершенно голой подружки принца Гарри
Dirt can destroy all the dreams of Meghan Markle.

В Сети появятся фото совершенно голой подружки принца Гарри

Prince Harry

Meghan Markle

35-year-old girlfriend of Prince Harry — actress Meghan Markle was in a very
sticky situation. The fact that recently called her not who called themselves
the man and stated that he has a whole series of her photos in the Nude
and going to put them in the Network. The caller did not state what is the purpose
he’s stalking. In any case, any money to avoid the publication
pictures, it is not required. This was reported edition of Star Magazine.

How did the scout reporter publications
Megan got scared for good reason — these photos actually exist. They are made
was pretty long ago, back in 2012, at a time when Markle was married to
Trevor Angelzoom. Then the actress went along with her husband on
holidays in New Zealand. And then one day when he and Trevor, using the fact that nearby
nobody was in sight, decided to skinny-dip, the incident occurred. Yet
the couple splashed in the sea, someone local stole all her clothes, left
on the shore. The actress from afar saw the kidnappers and tried to catch up with them. Here
it turned out that this was a trick: out of nowhere, on the shore
appeared paparazzi, feverish speed began to shoot naked Markle.
Megan had to forget about the stolen things and hiding behind something like a piece of clothing,
lent her husband to hurry to get back to the hotel…

Of course, wine Markle in this situation
minimal — after all, the intent absolutely was not to appear Nude. But
if the unknown will keep his word, and the images do appear in the Network,
it may cause her reputation considerable damage. And it is very dangerous for Megan, because her affair with
Harry is only in the initial stage. And the Queen does not like such stories, and such
the turn of events may set monarhine against Markle.

Because, as you know, Elizabeth was sincerely outraged when
a few years ago, the wife of Prince William — Duchess Catherine — was allowed to take pictures of themselves Topless in
leisure time in France. And after appearing in the press Snykov naked Harry
party in Las Vegas, the Queen was so angry that he sent a grandson in the army
– in Afghanistan…