The Network started the persecution of Dmitry Malikov

В Сети началась травля Дмитрия Маликова
The musician commented on the claims of detractors.

Dmitry Malikov


Dmitry Malikov was the victim of a so-called virtual “haters” — detractors, actively Express their negative attitude to the person in the Network. The musician became the hero of the program is “OK”, where he commented on the main complaint of ill-wishers to him.

Singer is an active user of social networks. Artists, by the way, often hire a helper who monitors the accounts online, but Malik prefers to do it themselves. He gets feedback from fans of the fun and often joins them in the conversation in the comments in his microblog.

But not so long ago Dmitry faced with the unpleasant phenomenon. Spiteful critics suddenly began to persecute Malikov in the Network. He began to receive hundreds of negative comments about his career and work in General. The singer was offended unpleasant attacks in the address. To stop the stream of insults Dmitry joined with the haters in the dialogue.

In particular, Network users seemed unfair that Malikov received a few years ago the title of National artist. “The fact that this title is not themselves appoint. It assigns the state for certain services. It means that the state believes the artist has earned a high rank. In my case it’s not only 30-year artistic career, but also a large amount of educational work with the younger generation, it is associated with classical music… I traveled more than 110 cities free charitable programs and master classes for kids!” — Dmitry told.

In addition, Dmitry has answered the allegations that he came on to the stage by his dad, the founder of VIA “Gems” Yuri Malikov. “On the one hand, you can understand the people who say that. But you have to remember what year it was, even if it was! In my case it was in 1988, when I first came to new year party with the song “Until tomorrow”. And, indeed, my father brought a song that I then recorded on the Council. It considered and made to redo it. And then I really came to fame, — said Malikov. But, first, what parent would not help their child? And secondly, and most importantly: one success comes to many, but to keep it for many years — there is no merit, connections, money, parents do not help and are not working. Because there is the attitude of the public. And the audience either love you or not!”