The Network published wedding the Pelagia

В Сети опубликован свадебный снимок Пелагеи
Singer Pelageya does not like to talk about his personal life, and not leading social network.

В Сети опубликован свадебный снимок Пелагеи

The singer tries not to react to any comments about her relationship with her husband Ivan by Telegony. Recently, the couple marked the second anniversary of the wedding, and a friend of Pelageya Catherine published her wedding photo, which to find in Internet is not possible.

В Сети опубликован свадебный снимок Пелагеи

“My lads, I congratulate you with anniversary! I can’t help but post this photo! Because you are so beautiful, happy, loving each other my kids. Let every year your love is only growing stronger, that of tenderness, passion, respect and harmony was not region. Stay always young, reckless and in love, look always in the same direction,” he left to sign a message of greetings to the Catherine.

The furor among web users who noticed that the couple look great together.

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