В сеть попало видео ссоры Джонни Деппа и Эмбер Херд

The scandal surrounding the divorce proceedings between celebrity continues.

While lawyers and relatives of johnny Depp’s claim that he could not use aggression to young wife amber heard, the Internet is a new proof of his inappropriate behavior. Provided, of course, amber. However, the actress assured that didn’t do it on purpose…

In the video you can see that johnny Depp is rather aggressive: loud, swears, has a foot furniture, throwing dishes. While amber is at the table with a mug of tea and not say a word.

“I shall not be responsible for the appearance of this video online, I did not want it. Now I want to do all that the media deleted this material from the Internet,” the actress said to the reporters.

A few days ago, we recall, held the first hearing in the case of Depp and heard. However, it ended in vain. Lawyers Depp reported that at the last moment, amber refused to testify, and representatives from Hurd stated that ex-lover of Jack Sparrow was not invited to the meeting room. Who is telling the truth and who lies, we don’t know. But in any case, the divorce of celebrities is not yet over and the second meeting zaplanirovano in the near future. Read more HERE.

The news of the disorder in the couple Depp and heard appeared in the early summer of this year. Then the actress admitted that her husband beats her and she wants a divorce and compensation of moral damage in half of its state.

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