В Сеть попало видео с обнаженной Меган Маркл Bride British Prince was the victim of hackers. In the Internet appeared the video, in which the future wife of the grandson of the British Queen, actress Meghan Markle, captured Topless.
В Сеть попало видео с обнаженной Меган Маркл

For love, for marriage to the heir to the British actress Meghan Markle refused a lot. She moved to London to a loved one, left a career and announced that it will no longer be in a movie, finally accepted the Anglican faith and, at the insistence of the yard, removed all personal online accounts. But even such seemingly extreme measures have not saved the future wife of Prince Harry from hackers.

In the past, the American movie actress, now the bride Meghan Markle appeared in the center of the scandal. The Network got the video and photos, which future wife of the heir to the British throne almost completely naked. The pictures shows that Megan is resting at the seaside with friends and sunbathing Topless.

Neither Megan, nor her fiance, the Prince Harry situation does not comment. Perhaps the heroine of a scandalous frame does not even know about it tells the whole world. In his first formal television interview in the new status – the status of the bride royalty – Markle admitted that he stopped reading the press.

В Сеть попало видео с обнаженной Меган Маркл “You know, there is such a misconception, they say, if I worked in the entertainment industry, I can take all this excitement. I participated in the “Force majeure” for six years, worked in film before, but never was part of the tabloid culture. Always lived a relatively quiet life focusing on work and all of a sudden… I Think we once hurt so much the number of false gossip that at some point I decided not to read anything about myself – neither good nor bad,” said Megan.

Western media have quoted a source in Keningtons Palace: there, they say, does not recognize the authenticity of the photo and video. Although the picture is clear: the video did Megan. Here she sets up the camera to take a photo of themselves and their friends on the beach. Here’s taking a selfie, that’s trying to make a video…

Bare dirt on Meghan Markle was published by the hackers, United in a group Celeb Jihad, on its website. Virtuosos spetsializiruyutsya hacking on celebrities and often release on public display personal photos and videos of the most famous people in the world.

Recall that on the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle became known on November 27 last year, and the wedding would be held on 19 may at St George’s chapel at Windsor castle. Internet users are wondering, does not cancel any marriage, ex-actress after such a scandal.