The Network has got video demi Moore kissing a minor

В Сеть попало видео Деми Мур, целующейся с несовершеннолетним

Love Hollywood actress demi Moore for a young guy, it turns out – a habit since childhood. In the leaked video made with Entertainment Tonight in 1982, where eighteen-year-old star of the TV series “General Hospital” is imprinted on the party of the birth of her colleagues in the TV series fifteen-year-old Philip Tanzini.

В Сеть попало видео Деми Мур, целующейся с несовершеннолетним
There were the eyewitness, who was lucky enough to attend the same party. According to him, the whole evening, the couple didn’t stop to flirt, and even when on holiday, they were paparazzi, is not confused lovers, and they continued to kiss.

Further – more. According to the insider, demi also brought her date into the ladies ‘ room and there he was closed for half an hour. As they say, for more private parties.
“She called him with the words: “Come on, baby, I’ll teach you how to be a man.” Demi behaved very carelessly, and it seemed that she came to this party with another, and was already in a state of alcoholic intoxication,” — said an eyewitness of those events. The mother of the birthday boy, suspecting something was wrong, rushed to the ladies room and stopped the “lesson”, unfortunately Philip.
Recall that in his eighteen demi was married to musician Freddie Moore, and also had a very bad reputation.
“She abused alcohol and used drugs. She now leads a sober lifestyle, but youth she had lived for three. Like Philip, she’s a bad influence,” said the insider.
Recall that in the recent past, demi has also distinguished his relations with the young men, the most famous of which was Toby McGuire and Ashton Kutcher. The last even was lucky enough to visit her husbands. After an ugly and messy divorce Moore like the chain broke down, the age of her lovers has become less, not shun it and friends own daughters. Now demi is more than decent and suitable for her age way of life.