В Сети высмеяли вокальные данные Ксении Собчак
Actor Maxim Vitorgan and public figure Kseniya Sobchak, enjoy your stay in Italy.

В Сети высмеяли вокальные данные Ксении Собчак

At the moment the pair is in Sardinia, where he attended a favourite vacation spots:

“The evening in your favorite Japanese restaurant in Sardinia. I’m Sakura-blooming and modest. Jewelry #PANDORA and favorite husband)))”

– Ksenia writes in his blog.

Maxim also puts no ads and photoshopped images, and most other materials.

In the morning Vitorgan posted a post in which Xenia, priprygivaya, stomping down the street, humming a song.

I suggest to watch the video below:

Despite the fact that vocal Xenia is far from perfect, the main thing that the soul she sings.

By the way, we recently did a survey on the topic of pension reform, Ksenia Sobchak, “over” raising the retirement age. An opinion you can Express here…