В Сети нашли видеоканал Меттью Макконахи, который никто не смотрит

Fans of Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey shocked: it turns out that their idol has its own channel on YouTube. But the “youtuber” of the artist so-me: this year it is verified that the channel has looked little more than a thousand spectators. And is the actor of this magnitude!

The first record of the Oscar-winning actor has published in September 2014. In it the actor adverted the water of a manufacturer that a portion of their profits go to charity. In its two years of existence of the channel, the video has been viewed a total of six thousand people, which seems odd, since the famous actor has won many awards and has a huge audience of admirers.
In addition to commercials on channel McConaughey, you can view the trailers of the animated film “Road to glory”, “Kubo. The legend of the samurai,” and even a couple of rollers on the pressing social issues.
In the few days that it became known about the secret channel, Matthew, page bummed subscribers, and their number steadily grew exponentially.

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