The Network has criticized the new look of Elena Korikovoy

В Сети раскритиковали новый облик Елены Кориковой The actress dyed it ginger. Elena Korikova now is not a frequent guest at social events. After the appearance of photos, fans were surprised transforming stars.

      В Сети раскритиковали новый облик Елены Кориковой

      The popularity of the actress Elena Korikovoy came for her role in the film “Mistress into maid”. Even then, many viewers were struck by the angelic beauty aspiring actress. But to finally get the title of the fatal beauty helped her role in the TV series “Poor Nastya”. The actress literally drove men mad, refined appearance, and for women became role models. Elena also appeared in music videos of many celebrities such as Alla Pugacheva, Igor Krutoy, Valery Leontiev, the group “Vintage” and many others.

      However, now Korikova not a frequent guest at social gatherings and rarely glimpsed in the pages of glossy magazines. Currently the actress is playing in the theatre. On the few photographs that appeared on the web, you will notice that the image of the artist has changed markedly – from a platinum blonde, she dyed it ginger, began to wear more loose clothing, although I always tried to show her chiselled figure. Fans are surprised at the change in the image of a sex symbol of Russian cinema.

      “Helen, why are you not blonde? You are so pretty!”, “Changed!”, “Don’t know” – could not hold back the words of surprise devoted fans of the actress.

      В Сети раскритиковали новый облик Елены Кориковой

      For a long time the actress was holding in the top of the most beautiful Actresses. However, after a dizzying rise career after the success in “Poor Nastya”, actress fame began to fade. Has not had such vivid roles that would be remembered by the audience.

      Despite the fact that the actress attributed a lot of novels with different businessmen and actors, now about the personal life of Korikovoy virtually nothing is known. Now the actress brings up the only son Arseny. The boy was born after she broke up with the elect, Dmitry Roschin. However, he did not recognize the child, and the actress did not comment on this issue. Together with the heir Elena appeared in the film “Captain’s children”. She then married a cameraman and Director Maxim osadcheva, which could replace the boy’s father. However, their marriage too did not last long.

      Long time fans of Korikovoy followed the development of the relationship between her and popular actor Sergei Astakhov. But beautiful romance actors failed marriage. Two years later Elena and Sergey decided to leave.

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