В Сеть попали свадебные фото любовницы Прохора Шаляпина

Ex-fiancee of singer Prokhor Chaliapin Anna Kalashnikova continues to try to build their family happiness.

A few weeks before the wedding Prokhor threw Anna, upon learning that the child he raised, actually born from the other.

A reason to be jealous Kalashnikov gave the house earlier. Once the paparazzi got a girl for a romantic dinner with a former beloved Ksenia Borodina Mikhail Terekhin. Then both sides argued that there’s nothing between them can not be, but the new photos that appeared online today indicate the opposite.

В Сеть попали свадебные фото любовницы Прохора Шаляпина

Anna and Michael are captured in the roles of bride and groom. Young wearing wedding costumes and wedding entourage says that Anna finally found her betrothed, whom she married.

What kind of pictures they are staged or real, the pair is not recognized.

What do you think, is this love?

Note that a few days ago, Terekhin said that he was ready again to start a relationship with your ex-girlfriend Borodina and even adopted her two daughters.

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