В Сеть попало фото «располневшей» Виктории Бони The picture shows TV showgirl looks strange for their fans. Victoria Bonia posed for the photographer with a stranger, who later put the frame in “Instagram”. Fans spotted changes in the figure of the celebrity.
В Сеть попало фото «располневшей» Виктории Бони

Fans of Victoria Boni have long considered her one of the sexiest stars of domestic show-business. Luxurious outfits, professional styling and perfect make-up – certainly know how to treat a woman fans. However, before the Internet got a scene where the blonde looks a little different.

Sports elastic band pants, shirt, jacket and disheveled beam in such a way Victoria was photographed with a stranger. Later she posted a picture with a star in microblocks, where he immediately flew to the communities dedicated to celebrities.

В Сеть попало фото «располневшей» Виктории Бони

In the comments to such posts views followers were divided. Some argue that Bonia really recovered and nothing is coming out like this. Others on the contrary, protect, favorite, referring to an unfortunate choice of clothing and its color. Users of the social network also began to wonder why their favorite is ceased to think carefully about the image before leaving the house.

“I don’t know what happened to her? She was on the verge of anorexia, skinny. Now what?” “Well, Bonia is still in your 38 looks great. And in his “Instagrame” and in another”, “I Saw a couple months ago her at the airport. She’s really slender, petite. And in this photo, sorry, but here it is in pants that she pulled up to the navel and in the color of the shirt,” “I understand that she’s got a body like this – not a single gram to get better, immediately becomes a square, waist-not at all,” the dispute concerned.

It is worth noting that fans are calling Victoria not to react to such statements and criticism, as well as stay in shape. Not so long ago some of the followers even accused a celebrity in anorexia, after seeing the recent footage from one of her photo shoots. She’s a celebrity, apparently, does not want to lose weight and tries to maintain it in the form in which it is now. Despite this, the TV host admitted that he was going to give up some products, as noticed a deterioration in condition. Bonia said that the change of power can automatically lead to drastic weight loss. Fans accused Victoria Bonia in obsession with weight loss

“I feel a little energy. Sleep long and don’t get enough sleep, even if asleep for ten hours. It is a sure sign that it is time to switch to a raw food diet. It is a pity that I will lose weight, but it’s worth it”.