The Network got intimate photos Evstigneeva widow with a young lover

В Сеть попали интимные фото вдовы Евстигнеева с молодым любовником Couple on fire in each other’s arms. Beloved Irina Zybina ready to protect and support the woman in a difficult life situation. Now the actress is preparing to court with a stepson in a dispute about inheritance.
В Сеть попали интимные фото вдовы Евстигнеева с молодым любовником

Now the widow of legendary actor Eugene Evstigneeva Irina Zybina is at the epicenter of the scandal connected with the inheritance of her fourth husband. Now, however, in all the trials it supports the new boyfriend of Denis Serdyukov. Colleagues are not ashamed of their passion and try to capture the juicy details of their encounters on camera.

47-year-old actor starred in small roles in such films and serials as “the Legend №17”, “Closed school”, “Moscow. Three station”, “Grouse” and others.

В Сеть попали интимные фото вдовы Евстигнеева с молодым любовником

Apparently, Irina is pleased that her life appeared a man who is willing to protect her from the turmoil of life. February 26, the Tverskoy court will hold the next hearing in the case of high-profile inheritance, where the son of the late husband of actress Alexandra Dobronravova Alexander promises to impose new requirements, as a peaceful solution to the issue, which suggested to him the actress, he is not satisfied.

The man does not understand why Zybina opposed to give him a legitimate a quarter of the property, which remained after the death of his father. However, the actress is outraged that the stepson claims the estate which is left over from Eugene Evstigneeva. According to Alexander, the assets invested by his father. The widow of Eugene Evstigneeva suing relatives because of the inheritance

“If I take a house in the suburbs, I will take the memory of Evgeny Alexandrovich. He claims to be all that I have, including the apartment in which I live. It was bought with the money from the sold apartment in which we lived by Yevgeny Alexandrovich. He further claims to the land, which was issued by Yevgeny Aleksandrovich”, – said the widow of the famous actor.

When the actress offered to negotiate a peaceful solution to the conflict and to give one of the apartments with an unpaid mortgage in the amount of one million rubles, Alexander refused. He believes that the inheritance of the father much more, and Irene tries to make him a poor man. In turn, the actress has accused her stepson that he has not provided financial assistance in organizing the funeral of his dad.