В Сеть попало интимное фото Даны Борисовой The presenter suspects her ex-husband of hacking into her email. Most Dana Borisova regrets that disappeared school pictures of her daughter Polina, who was not saved anywhere else. The celebrity was forced to create a new mailbox and protect yourself.

      В Сеть попало интимное фото Даны Борисовой

      For the third time in a month Dana Borisova is attacked by an unknown “hacker” who breaks into her mail. First, the presenter lost wedding photos, and now the criminal is posted on the Internet her naked picture. Apparently, the offender had plans not only to deprive her of memorable pictures, but to tarnish its reputation. “StarHit” contacted Borisova and figured out how it happened.

      “You have no idea how unpleasant it is! – says “StarHit” was Given. – Two counts of mail was lost memorable photos, and now everything is just deleted! Tried in the morning to go to the mailbox to send a letter, and mail gives the error “mail does not exist.” I tried to login again and again but nothing worked. Sent from another address of the administration a letter with a question that became my address. I said, “he removed”. The most annoying that there were a lot of school photos of my little Pauline. They have me on any computer not saved”,

      To intimate photos and other content from the memory of her phone shocked loved ones and friends, Borisova told them about the incident, showing the shot hit the net.

      В Сеть попало интимное фото Даны Борисовой“I said, “don’t worry! You are beautiful. All just jealous of your beauty!”, – continued Dana. – For a moment I felt better, but the body honestly reacted doesn’t matter. Nervous I have a fever. I feel terrible. Called the doctor, he said that this is psychosomatic. Tried to bring down a degree, but failed. Lie and you don’t understand me is all. Why are people so evil?”

      The presenter does not know who could hack into her e-mail. However, some assumptions on this score she’s still there. Borisov troubled by the fact that initially disappeared only wedding pictures that suggested to her the idea of ex-husband, the divorce which she filed recently.

      “Who needs my box? There are megabytes of business correspondence, photographs of a daughter…Well, a few of my photos without a bathing suit on the honeymoon, but they can not see anything! Flashed only a fleeting thought that by using logic came: whether it be my ex-husband – sigh star. – Just wedding illustrations the first one went missing…I Hope of course that he wouldn’t do that to me”.

      Now Dana is at home on sick leave, under the supervision of doctors meds and vitamins that will help her relive stress. Celebrity has created a new mailbox, which she would like to believe, is not subject to attack by hackers. “I set a password that one choose can not! – says TV presenter. Now I read on the Internet how to protect all their resources and social networks from hacking, to use all opportunities to improve safety.”

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