В Сеть попали фото комнаты, в которой скончался Майкл Джексон

In June 2009, the world was shocked by the news that he died the king of the pop scene, Michael Jackson. Given that the composer’s death was not by natural causes (e.g. old age), the police and the media began to investigate the circumstances of the death of a legend.

В Сеть попали фото комнаты, в которой скончался Майкл Джексон

The police and the media agreed that not the last role in the death of Jackson played his doctor, who prescribed him a lethal dose of sleeping pills (the singer suffered from insomnia, was extremely overtired and even exhausted). Dr. Connor later admitted partially guilty for what happened. Despite the fact that the death of Michael happened 7 years ago, the press still continues to discuss this topic, to publish new, previously unseen images.

Over the weekend, the Network got the pictures of the room of the artist, in which he died.

On promulgated frames shows a bloodied shirt which was hanging in the locker room, scattered drugs, doll, pictures of children lying on the table.

В Сеть попали фото комнаты, в которой скончался Майкл Джексон

Note that the accusatory dirty secrets Jackson continues after his death. Recently published new evidence that the charges that were brought against Jackson of child molestation, was actually true.

This statement was made by the representative of the police Department of Santa Barbara, who spoke about the search of Michael’s house in Los Olivos in 2003. In a specially equipped room was discovered photos and videos with the participation of adult men and women and minor children. In addition, investigators found the drugs for the treatment of obsession with sex, many of which were prescribed by doctors in the name of close friends of Michael.

One private detective told reporters that among porn photos belonging to Jackson, were also discovered pictures of his own nephews in their underwear, as well as other children whose identity is unknown.

“Documents and evidence collected by Department Santa Barbara, paint a bleak and frightening picture – Michael was not who he claimed to be. It really is – a drug addict and predator, obsessed with sex. To satisfy his lust, he had not only used explicit images of adults and children, but the blood pictures of mutilations and animal sacrifices.. he was also nasty and shocking pictures of child torture, female bondage, sadomasochism and much more… Michael Jackson actually had perverse sexual appetites, as evidenced by all the horrible physical evidence discovered during the search”, — said one of the investigators. A former senior assistant district attorney Ron White confirmed the words of the investigator and stated that during the interrogation, Michael admitted that for a long time by his bed was a lot of children.

We will note, later these statements were recalled and recognized slander.

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