The Network discussed the possible departure of the soloist of “VIA gra”

В Сети обсуждается возможный уход солистки «ВИА Гры» Fans noticed that in many of the photos is missing one of the singers of the band. Fans of “VIA gra” began to suspect that Anastasia Kozhevnikova leaves the group. The Manager girl trio told “StarHit”, what is the reason for the lack of the singer.

      В Сети обсуждается возможный уход солистки «ВИА Гры»

      Popular group “VIA Gra” changed its composition over the 17 years of its existence. But completely new team in 2013, after the reality show ‘Want to VIA gra”. Thousands of girls from the CIS countries, flocked to the casting, to get into the project and become part of the legendary girl trio. In the end, the producer Konstantin Meladze chose the three most prominent member – Misha Romanov, Eric Herceg and Anastasia Kozhevnikov. But recently, fans of the popular group noticed that one of the singers stopped appearing in pictures alongside their colleagues. Many were alarmed by this situation, and they suspected that Anastasia Kozhevnikova looking for a replacement.

      “Not beautiful enough Nasty with you, girl”, “That’s because I see that people have raised the question, “Where’s Anastasia?”, why not answer, “Everywhere, without Nasty”- covered Eric and Mike in a similar review fans. Also, some fans remembered that once “VIA Gra” was a duet, and suggested that the decision was made to return to this working format.

      But a team Manager Denis Orlov in the conversation with “StarHit” denied the rumors about the possible resignation Kozhevnikova. He told the true reason for the absence of the artist next to the girls.

      “Anastasia sick and now is in Kiev. She, along with all had to come to Moscow, but just shortly before the departure of the train reported being unwell. Naturally, we had to cancel a planned performance in Moscow, as a group with one part cannot work. At the moment Kozhevnikova is the current soloist of “VIA gra”, – said the representative of the group, however, refused to comment on what kind of illness has forced Anastasia to stay at home.

      During participation in the reality show in 2013, Eric, Misha and Anastasia almost left the project due to the fact that before the performance, without the knowledge of the costumers, cut the concert dresses. But then to protect the girls stood a mistress, former soloist of “VIA gra” Hope Granovskaya. She took three members under his wing at the show and helped the singers to reach the final. As a result of the audience vote they won in the show and become a new member of the group.

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