The Network broke a new scandal around the name of the deceased “Ivanushki”

В Сети разгорелся новый скандал вокруг имени погибшего «Иванушки»
The widow of musician blames fans for fraud and warns that unauthorized installation of the monument is strictly prohibited by law.

Oleg Yakovlev

The Widow Of Oleg Yakovlev Alexander Kutsevol
warned fans of the late artist that appeared on the Internet
criminal group which is parasitic on the memory of the departed singer. According to
Kutsevol, the bottom line is raising money for a monument to Yakovlev.

alert! — calls on Sasha. Do not believe! All official information about
the artist on all matters relating to his memory, fundraising and much more, is exclusively on the official pages. Any other information
belongs to Scam artists. A note, “benefactors”: the unauthorised installation of
monument (fences and other objects), without approval of the family of Oleg (
also in formal terms) at the place of his last refuge — absolutely

Under this post published by Sasha on the personal page in a social network
real battle happened. Fans of Oleg assured that the money collected
to remember the singer on the day of his birth: 18 November this year, the star has
had to be fulfilled 48 years. Some subscribers will Kutsevol accused her of that
she had not visited the grave of his wife. “You should be grateful to the fans!
Girls care, bring flowers, clean. And the last time you visited
Oleg?” On those charges said one of the close friends of Sasha. “Are not you
ashamed? Sasha is in the hospital for a month already is! At least about her health
‘ve learned! Pounced like hyenas. Everybody deals with grief in their own way! commented
the situation one of the fans Anastasia Yakovleva