The network blew up the pictures of the grown up Harry Potter

Сеть взорвали снимки повзрослевшего Гарри Поттера

Photographer Sarah Hester presented the Photocall for fans of the boy wizard and not only…

In the role of a fictional character made unfortunately (or fortunately?), not an actor Daniel Radcliffe, who performed the main role in explanation of the book, and the male model Zach Howell, a lean torso, biceps and sexy smile. And the similarities with Harry Potter, the young man added glasses and a magic wand.

Photo published by Sarah Hester (@sarahhesterphotography) Oct 17 2016 10:47 PDT

We have to admit that Zach Howell with his role coped brilliantly: the photo session is discussing the whole world, and on his Instagram subscribe more and more women. Imagine how many letters he comes into Direct!

However, some Internet wearer write words of admiration to Zach in the comments to his publications.

“He is handsome Harry”, “I Think I fell in love with you”, “I would have bought you as a gift” – without any hesitation say subscribers will social networks.

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And we wonder one thing: how to respond to such a blatant pictures the Creator of Harry Potter author JK Rowling?

Speaking of Rowling. Not so long ago at a meeting with readers in Los Angeles, she announced that soon will be released the five films based on her new book about Harry Potter “Fantastic beasts and their habitats”. With the premiere of the first will take place in November this year. Read more HERE.