The Network blasted the new leading House-2 Marina Afrikantov

В Сети обругали новую ведущую Дома-2 Марину Африкантову The girl was appointed in place of Katie Zsuzsa. Marina is feeling very awkward in the frame, but strives for the best. However, the spectators watching to the participant of the project in this role was not appreciated for her talents.

Marina Afrikantov, one of the participants of the project “Dom-2”, which had the opportunity to try yourself in new role. After Kate Susan, presenter of the news on telestroke, has left his post, the producers began to search for her replacement. As Marina performed well in the acting performances that made the guys in a reality show, it drew attention. Now she will tell the audience about the latest events in the life of participants “Houses-2”.

Afrikantov admitted that happy with the new position. The girl shared emotions in microblog.

“This news became for me a pleasant surprise. Very pleased with my new role. When shooting me, by the way, praised me in my endeavors. Said gestures and looseness will come with experience, little difficulty is that we are working with a prompter, where the text runs very fast, and my hands just do not have time to connect. Yes, the news are written so quickly that I did not even have time to get nervous, maybe I stopped to be afraid of anything? However, issues I have not seen, anyone watched that?” – says Marina.

The followers of conflicting embraced the girl in a new role. “Like a robot standing there”, “Well, it will not be news, but a dead weight,” “I saw! Objectively – not very!”, “Honestly, boring. You look without emotion. Dry some. Not interested”, “No style, charisma, well, at least something that can be noted, some raisins,” “You this text sound like a zombie. Little movements add” – opinions of users of Instagram.

Recall, for a leading nanny also claimed Responsibility, but luck did not smile on her. Kate Susan left to develop their own business and work as a DJ. In one of the posts it showed a room, which takes in rent. Yet there is a repair.

“Well, my dear readers. I’ve kept it, wanted to surprise you. But already there are no forces to remain silent. So I decided to lift the curtain of your project! What, still not yet. But I can say one thing – you will be very happy about this discovery. I’ve been going to this, here and fulfilled my dreams,” wrote Kate in the microblog.

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