The nerves passed: Volochkova called them all “terrible”

Нервы сдали: Волочкова обозвала всех «страшными»

The ballerina did not endure another accusations because of the splits and gave a sharp response.

It seems that no one so often criticized as Anastasia. Her famous splits, stretching and micro bikini, not to mention novels, discusses the entire Internet.

Only here the Anastasia, if experienced, is not allowed to know about it. And the discussion usually did not enter. But, it seems, and her nerves “do not iron”! And the ballerina is still expressed. And in expressions, it should be noted, did not hesitate.

“And this piece especially for those who can’t get over my uniform and considers it possible (having zeros in their accounts or strastnye face), I wrote about how I raise the foot during exercise, the right or left, and in what attitude to face, could not stand, signed ballerina the next stretch. – My dear, you, to bite himself from jealousy over the elbow or behind the heel (who both work), raise one leg as high, tap it, as the bell himself on the head for enlightenment of consciousness, or do anything physically with your body, and then consult”.

In addition, the actress said that is not going to pay attention to evil tongues and, especially, change the way of life.

“And I, my dear, I will sing, and dance, and dramatic performances to play in musicals, and concerts to give, and shows a new cook, and to please you with my impeccable photo, twines, and much more positive will to implement. Will remain a wonderful mother and attractive woman, loved and loving, I’ll allow myself to be myself – a sincere and real, positive and fun!” – prodoljil it.

However, subscribers of the ballerina and then divided into two camps. Some praised Anastasia for sincerity, but others considered her remarks by playing the audience.